Growing Peppers, Pepper Facts

How To Prevent Blossom Drop in Peppers

Have you ever experienced leaving your peppers blossoming beautifully only to discover the next day that several of its flowers...

Pepper Facts

Pepper X: The Pepper Hotter Than the Carolina Reaper

Pepper X may sound sketchy, but if I tell you that it’s said to be the strongest contender against Carolina...

Pests Management

Easy Ways To Manage Ant Infestation On Your Peppers

Ant infestation often occurs alongside aphids in peppers. Check out how you can manage their population in a healthy way.

Growing Peppers, Pepper Facts

4 Ways To Prevent Pepper Cross-Pollination

Unintentional cross-pollination is one of the problems in hot pepper breeding. Here are five easy ways you can stop it...

Pepper Facts

5 Unique-Looking Hot Pepper Varieties in the World

Hot pepper comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. And, here are some of the weirdest-looking peppers in the world.

Pepper Facts

5 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Hot Peppers

Hot peppers don't just spice up your food, they also spice up your health. Here are five health benefits we...

Pepper Facts, Pests Management

5 Easy Ways To Control Spider Mites on Peppers

Insects pests love peppers as much as we do, and spider mites are no exception. Find out how to get...

Growing Peppers, Pepper Facts

Pepper Germination: 5 Methods To Break Seed Dormancy

Ever heard of the term seed dormancy? Generally, growing peppers is relatively easy except when you hit a dead-end right...

Growing Peppers

Fertilizer Application: Boosting Pepper Plant Growth

Choosing the right rich loamy soil for your pepper plants is the first step. Loam soil tends to have the...

Pests Management

5 Effective Ways to Control Aphids on Pepper Plants

Aphids are one of the peskiest pests on pepper plants. They may not be around today, but these sneaky insects...

Pepper Facts

Getting To Know the Carolina Reaper: Then and Now

Peppers have come a long way ever since Columbus and the Portuguese discovered their existence while searching for the New...

Pepper Facts

Top 5 Hottest Peppers In The World

If you want extreme heat levels then get to know 2020's top 5 meanest and hottest peppers ever produced all...

Pepper Diseases

Common Pepper Diseases: Causal Organism and Symptoms

The best way to handle crops disease is to have a good knowledge about them. So here are the common...

Pepper Facts

10 Fun Facts About Peppers You Need To Know

Interested in all things hot and spicy? Or maybe you're just one pepper junkie. Well, here are 10 interesting facts...

Pests Management

The Three Most Common Aphid Pests of Pepper Plants

Aphid is considered to be one of the most common insect pests in agriculture. These transmitters of viral diseases are...

Pests Management

Know the Common Insect Pests of Peppers

Insects love a good dose of hot peppers in their system as much as we humans do. Find out who...

Growing Peppers

How To Grow Peppers: Tips and Tricks

Been wanting to plant peppers for so long but don't know how? Here are simple steps on how to grow...

Growing Peppers

How to Germinate Pepper Seeds using Paper Tissue Method

I could still remember the first time that I planted peppers at home using store bought seeds. Out of...